Goal Setting

I’m Paperbirdes, and this is my blog.

I recently began Partners for Healthier Weight, a weight management clinic located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It involves 6 months of active weight loss followed by 6 months of weight management. In the active weight loss period I will be on a OptiFast liquid diet for 3 months. The Program also encourages journaling for emotional relief, dietary tracking, goal setting and tracking, as well as documentation. This year will be one where I experiment and try new techniques and skills in order to think about myself, relationships, eating, food, emotions, etc… differently, which is not exactly an easy thing to do.

I have a sidebar with my weight loss goals, but I also have other goals that I want to achieve:

  1. I want my fat percentage to drop from 54.4% to the recommended 33%.
  2. I want to shop in the “regular” stores. Mostly because I want to save money. Fat lady clothes are expensive.
  3. I currently commute to and from work with assisted bicycle. I want to sell that a use a regular commuter.
  4. I want to look in a full length mirror with pride.
  5. I want to be able to show off the amazing cheekbones I have, which are currently rounded with fat.

Everyone who is overweight or obese have issues. I don’t buy into “Calorie in and calorie out. Its easy! Why are you still fat?” mentality. I’m educated, intelligent, hard working. I know, empirically, how to loose weight. Yet, I have been overweight my entire life. So, there are issues, and I have no idea what they may be right now. I’m not one deeply wrapped in emotions, or has been subjected to abuse. I’m just Paperbirdes, the chubby toddler, the overweight child, the fat teenage, and the obese adult.

So with that said, I have some grand plans for this blog! Each week I create a menu plan (when I am still eating, that is) that I will post here. When I deviate from the plan, I will come and update. Every so often I will throw in recipes that I try and liked. I will try to blog about why I think about food in this very particular way. This is an exercise in self education, and, as much as I hate the cliche, growth.

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